About Kuoway

About Us

The Company is a professional mold factory, stamping factory, die casting factory, established in 2000, adopt consistent operation of the production process, from design, manufacturing, assembly, together with all the in-house production and processing needs. By adopting a comprehensive service management approach to customer service.


  • Mold design and manufacture
  • Die casting product manufacturing
  • Punch processing machine
  • CNC Wire Cut machine
  • 3D printer
  • CNC milling machine
  • Grinding machine
  • EDM(electric discharge machine)

Because of the equipment and machine tools factory sound internal organizational structure, in addition to response to the various needs of each customer, and can efficiently improve product quality and productivity and reduce costs. Currently the factory is equipped with various.Machining equipment and all kinds of high-precision machining, can achieve high precision requirements.

We have affordable prices and with the development of custom products, technologies, products, competitive prices, strong technical power, high-specification production processes, has become a long-term trust of our customers high-quality manufacturers. "Positive intentions, strict quality control, dedicated service, customer satisfaction" is our quality policy, "the implementation of quality management system to reduce customer complaints cases, improve service quality, improve product quality standards and meet contractual requirements, reduce production costs and provide a reasonable price "is our quality goal to provide customers with the most satisfactory service.


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